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"PRS has done an amazing job of taming my billing demon. They took over when our in house billing had nearly lost me my practice. PRS is expedient, skilled, tenacious at recouping revenue, and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend PRS for medical billing.

— Kimberly Meyer-Pelletier PT, Mansfield Center CT


If you are like many providers looking into medical credentialing, it’s possible that you are just beginning your practice or moving from an individual to a group practice. These are exciting times for you, Congratulations! Credentialing with additional payers opens your practice up to a larger patient poplulation. However, the credentialing process is lengthy and re-credentialing occurs every two to three years. Credentialing involves providing required documents and accurately completing forms that can be long and tedious for each insurance company. For this reason it is best to start credentialing well in advance of any planned changes, provider additions, renewals or for those new providers getting ready to open their very first practice.


"PRS was able to take me smoothly through all of the red tape of re-credentialing with insurance companies when my practice transitioned into an LLC.  They have been invaluable in managing my claims from payments to posting to appeals.  They work each and every claim and understand the importance of every dollar when it comes to health care reimbursement.  I have not encountered anyone who understands the processes of billing, coding, clearinghouses, collections, credentialing and customer service as well as the staff of PRS.  I would happily and highly recommend them to any colleague in the healthcare profession. "
— Dr. Sally Bodenhamer, Optometrist

Jefferson City, MO

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CAQH Registration

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Credentialing Services

Our credentialing services include:

  • Retrieve, Complete and Submit Credentialing Applications

  • Online Account Access: Showing Real-time Status

  • Team Availability via: Telephone, E-mail, Text, or Chat

  • Full time U.S. based team, corresponding with Ins. companies

New Physician credentialing services can include all or parts of the following:

  • CAQH Registration

  • Commercial Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment and credentialing

  • Managed Care & Government Payer Credentialing

  • Medical License Application Processing & Tracking

  • DEA Registration & Tracking

  • NPI Registration (Type I & Type II)

  • Payer Fee Schedule Creation & Evaluation

  • Management of all Credentials (Yearly re-credentialing)

  • DME credentialing

We Credential:

  • Physicians                  

  • Physician Assistants

  • Hospitals

  • Dentists
  • Optometrists

  • Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapists
  • Behavioral Health and MANY more

Credentialing Cost & Return on Investment

Once you’ve been credentialed, the return on your investment will arrive almost immediately, as you will be able to see patients and referrals you would have otherwise had to turn away. 

Already our client?  Current medical billing clients receive discounted credentialing rates.

"After losing my long time medical billing company and EMR, at 70yrs old, I wasn't sure where to turn. Starting over seemed like such a daunting task. PRS went above and beyond to develop a solution in a short period of time to get my claims going out the door again. They handled all of my credentialing with ease and transitioned me effortlessly to a new EMR. I couldn't be any happier with my choice of billing partners"

— Lloyd W., Owner, A Brighter Day Inc. Columbia, MO

Our credentinaling fees are a simple flat fee per application submitted on the providers behalf. We work extremely hard to keep costs low and ensure turnaround times are as quick as possible. You will also be kept updated throughout the entire process via real time updates on our CRM solution as carriers approve your applications. In addition to credentialing we can also assist providers in registering with CAQH and getting their NPI.